Escape to Chimp Eden

Escape to Chimp Eden
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update from Appleton WI & Pierce Manufacturing

I've posted all my photos from my tours of the two Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. plants in the Appleton WI area on Facebook. I'll soon be updating my personal blog ( with the photos in case you're not a Facebook member. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to my host Chet for taking the time to patiently show me around, leaving 'nary a detailed untold.

More importantly, I had the opportunity to discuss our project with one of the sales managers, who informed me that Pierce/Oshkosh has an excellent company they work with in South Africa who might be able to work with us. Additionally, I was given the name and number of a key member of the Pierce P.R. and Marketing Department.

So we continue on our quest and hope that you will not only continue your support, but continue to reach out to garner more by inviting your FB friends to join us. When you do, do not lose sight of the fact that our efforts are not just to protect and save the animal life at Chimp Eden, but to save the lives and property of all those who dedicate their lives to these animals and live on the grounds of the Preserve.


Steve Greene

Steve's Pierce Photos on Facebook

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Theresa said...

Great news, Steve! Sounds like a positive show of support. Will continue to try to recruit on FB. Thanks again for your efforts. The sanctuary is a magical place and the chimps are all such individual creatures. It terrifies me to think what could happen in a bush fire. They all mean the world to me, chimps and staff. Not to mention the diverse wildlife on the farm.

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Pierce Brush Truck
Pierce Brush Truck