Escape to Chimp Eden

Escape to Chimp Eden
Courtesy Animal Planet/Discovery Comm,

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Location, Location, Location...."

A quick entry here. If you've been trying to join our cause on Facebook, you'll find it here:

"Help Save 'Chimp Eden' From Fire"

Look, it's never too late to leave a comment here on the blog or to join our Facebook cause. Every comment, every member, every contact is worth gold to the our effort. My tours are scheduled for next week. During that time, I will be speaking with representatives of the manufacturer and explain our efforts and the people behind it.

While we are all terribly disappointed that Animal Planet (and its parent company, Discovery Channels, Inc.) made the decision not to renew "Escape to Chimp Eden," for a third season. Thousands of letters and emails have been sent, but there is little likelihood that DCI will change its mind. Remember, television networks have little concern for content and concern; their prime motivation is how much money they can make off of a show.

Be that as it may, we the men and women around the world, who not only fell in love with the residents of CE, but have become devoted to Phillip's and Eugene's efforts, will continue to support their efforts, as well as use every cyber-avenue available to us, to keep in touch with the goings on of Jaio, Amadeus, Cozi and the rest of the brood at our favorite preserve.

So if you have not commented here yet or you have not joined the cause on Facebook, do it now! It only takes a few moments and they are both absolutely free! You see, we're not asking for money, we're just asking for you!

Just remember your basic math: As of this moment, we have 318 members. If all of us each brought in two more members, and they brought two more members, do you realize how many we would have by the time of my meeting next week? We'd have...uh..uh..ok, I'm too old to remember that kind of math. But trust me, we would have a lot!

Thanks again,

Till next time...


Anonymous said...

I just join the cause on facebook. Thanks for your efforts.- Tamela

Steve said...

Thanks, Tamela! We really appreciate each and every person that signs up. Let's hope I can be convincing enough to get the job done!
Best regards,

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