Escape to Chimp Eden

Escape to Chimp Eden
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Help Still Needed!!!

As I stated yesterday, I will, hopefully, be making a face-to-face appeal to a major fire apparatus manufacturer, for a professional brush truck for Chimp Eden. What I would like to do is bring anything I can that will help underscore the need for this equipment.

So, here is what I need from loyal show fans, blog readers, etc:

1. I need as many emails and/or blog comments as we can muster. I want to be able to demonstrate to Pierce the amount of support and interest we have in this very important project.

2. If anyone has the episode with the big fire on it, I would respectfully request either a copy of that segment or to let me know if it is available on DVD for me to take with me.

3. If you have any promotional material regarding Chimp Eden itself or the Jane Goodall Institute in general, to please either scan and email me or again, please direct me to where I can get a hold of it.

4. Anything else that you can think of that will help the cause.

5. To please share this message/blog with as many people/fans that care about Chimp Eden and the Institute as we do.

I did receive a kind note from Susan Slotar, the Executive Director of the Institute. She was passing my initial email to her, on to Eugene, so that we will know if there have been any additions to their firefighting capabilities that may not have been publicly acknowledged. So I am awaiting either an email from Eugene or through Susan.

So thank you for your interest and hopefully, your support.

Till next time,


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