Escape to Chimp Eden

Escape to Chimp Eden
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Is That the Bugle Tones of the Cavalry?

I am back home in Coral Springs, FL (northwest of Ft. Lauderdale) after a few days in Key West. Did you know that if you're driving south in the eastern U.S. on I-95, then on to U.S. Route 1, Key West is the southernmost tip you can reach? But I digress...

After our last post earlier this week, I heard from a wonderful lady named Theresa. She is a member of "ChimpNet" which is part of the web site of the Jane Goodall Institute. Thanks to a
"Google Alert" our blog has come to the attention of the many members of "ChimpNet"
who are getting on board to help our cause. So to Theresa and members of the "ChimpNet"
team, many thanks for your support and your efforts.

If you're just joining us, those efforts are quite clear and concise. We are NOT asking
for money or cash. Rather we are contacting fire apparatus manufacturers and
people of "renown," i.e. Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Jay Leno, Gene Simmons, etc.,
asking them too, to write to anyone who can help us procure the donation of one, rather
small, "brush truck" fire apparatus, so that Ms. Goodall, Eugene, Philippe and all the humans,
as well as the chimps and other animals at the Institute stand a chance in beating back
a fire.

I will be adding a few more links later today. Please make sure you write either an email
or a "snail mail" and add your voice to the cause.

Till next time...

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Pierce Brush Truck

Pierce Brush Truck
Pierce Brush Truck