Escape to Chimp Eden

Escape to Chimp Eden
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where We Are...

So here we are on June 29Th and we have yet to hear anything back from the companies and entertainers we have contacted for this issue. Not to whine, nut what seems to hurt the most is that I know there have been visits and readers to this site, but no one, no one, has left a single comment on this blog!
Perhaps you came here by following the link from my signature on all my emails. And if you read through this blog clearly, you will see that I have not asked anyone for money, other than the corporations to whom we've written.
My whole purpose in creating this blog, was to appeal only to the vehicle manufacturers, for equipment and/or funds. I did not, nor do I now, wish to ask a single individual for a financial contribution.
Even in these difficult economic times, the major manufacturers of fire-fighting vehicles are still in business, with many trucks on the assembly line. This is true for both the "stock" manufacturers and the custom builders, both in the U.S. and abroad.
Perhaps some who have visited this site think that the appeal is to simply save a few chimpanzees. Nothing could be further from the truth! The equipment (one, single brush/wildland mini-truck) would not only assist in saving the chimps, but in addition, there are hundreds of more animals on the preserve land, as well as dozens of the workers and volunteers who live on the preserve as well. While it might be easy to turn your back on a "few animals," are you willing to turn your backs on the men and women who live and work on the preserve, each and every day?
To the readers who are regulars here, all I ask of you is to write to the manufacturers whose links are listed on the site. Ask them for their help. We're not requesting s fleet of vehicles; rather we asking for one single, specialized brush truck. This will allow the staff to protect both their homes and properties, as well as the animals they have dedicated their lives to protect.
Oh yes, and if you do drop by, please leave a comment; just so I know that all these efforts are not in vain.
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Theresa said...

Only found out today about the blog. As a fan of Chimp Eden I am willing to help anyway I can! We are spreading the word on Chimp Net to the regular chatters. Come join us!

Steve said...

Theresa, Thanks for dropping by and your support. I'll be coming over to Chimp Net very soon and see what you all are doing there. Hopefully, together, we'll make this happen!
Best regards,

Pierce Brush Truck

Pierce Brush Truck
Pierce Brush Truck